Three hundred days of sunshine a year, a healthy economy and thousands of miles of beach - a move to Australia ranked among the top favorite locations of Germans for years.

Whether Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or the Australian Outback - with our 20 years of experience in national and international relocation coordination, we provide comprehensive support to provide you with peace of mind in your new home in Australia.

We would like to provide you with a brief overview of the steps required to implement a move to and live in the Down Under. For binding and current conditions for immigration, please inform yourself prior to contacting us, so you can learn and take into account any possible changes. We ask that you review the information on this page and note that we can make no claims of completeness, accuracy or timeliness, and therefore can accept no liability for any changes. For current conditions of immigration as part of a move, please inform yourself again immediately before your plan or contact us, so you can learn and take and possible changes into account.

The Visa

If you posses certain conditions and qualifications, it is relatively easy to get a visa for Australia. The concept of work permits is very different in Australia. There are several different visa models (see below) and must meet certain requirements in order to attain a high score, in order to receive the desired visa. Factors of this scoring system are, for example, the type of training, professional experience, ability and knowledge of the English language.

List of Visa types:

  • Skilled Migration / professional visas
  • SC457 4-year visas
  • Employer Nomination Program
  • Regional Sponsored Visa professionals
  • Business Visa
  • Partner and Family Visa
  • Visitor and tourist visas
  • Student Visa
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Seniors / retiree visa

Be sure to begin the formalities of your visa application early enough in order to live in Australia, as the processing and waiting time of an application may well take several months to complete.

Relocation Formalities

Once you have received you visa, you should start planning your move to Australia.

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Whether you already have a house or apartment in which you want to ship your belongings from Germany, or want to start from scratch on the smallest continent - we are at your side when it comes to making logistical decisions, the transportion of your personal belongings and to carefully comply with the strict customs and quarantine regulations of Australia.

Personal belongings that are not intended for sale, are generally not subject to import restrictions. Exceptions apply to vehicles, newly purchased furniture (newer than 12 months), cooling units, Antiques, alcohol, drugs and weapons. You will need to prepare all necessary documents, certificates, and customs forms in time.

Additionally, foods, fruits, plants, seeds, animal products or live animals are strictly controled to prevent the spread of diseases and their impact on Australian flora and fauna.
If you intend to import such goods from Germany to Australia, you must specify everything in detail for the customs control and have them tested. Otherwise, you risk heavy fines and even imprisonment.

Life in Australia

Australia is considered a very western nation, with over 20% of the residents living in Australia being immigrants. Therefore, it is difficult to generalize Australians. It will still require adjusting to the differences in mentality, official transactions and practical circumstances. If you have not lived in the Down Under before or have lived there a long time, read as much as possible in field reports and books to become familiar with the way of life. Here is a short list of things that you should consider before moving to Australia:

  • a permanent visa allows you to drive in most Australian States for the first three months with your German drivers license (with an English translation!) Thereafter, you must obtain an Australian driver's license. To obtain an Australian drivers license, you usually need to pass a written test, a l driving test and an eyesight test
  • Australian traffic drives on the left, and some driving schools offer special courses to prepare for this.
  • for everyday usage, it is important to know that there are other plug and socket systems - for your electrical equipment from Germany, you will need topurchase an adapter.

You should also be prepared for technical hurdles, specifically in language and everyday life. (for example "Fortnight", is a period of two weeks and the recycling system, as you know well from Germany, can only be found a few communities in Australia).

On the Australian Government website, there are a number of brochures about the country, the history and life of Australia, for example

„Beginning a Life in Australia“

Off to the Down Under – with EOS Move Management

If you want to move from Germany to Australia, do not hesitate to ask us your questions - which of course also applies when moving from Australia to Germany. We will inform you about all the necessary forms and requirements and take care of the whole process of your move, so that you can make your dream country Australia to your home as soon as possible and hassle free.


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